You are responsible for your emotions

Why you experience what you think

…and why it’s not quite as real as you feel !

Yoga has at least some of the resolution to managing our negative emotions

To tell someone she or he is responsible for your emotions does not always go down well. It’s never their fault that they’re angry: someone else has upset them.

This blog attempts to offer some understanding as to where our fear, anger and stress comes from. It is based upon a fascinating TED presentation on YouTube which, from a yoga teachers perspective, I found extremely relevant. It substantiates what the ancients yogi’s and many subsequent philosophers have been saying for so long, but couldn’t prove it!

The presenter: Professor Lisa Feldman, demonstrates that the ancient yogi’s, the Buddha, Jesus and other philosophers were indeed onto something. She does a great job in illustrating how this can now be scientifically proven.

You might not like to hear this but your misery comes from you

The quicker you come to recognise that fact the stronger and healthier you will be: mentally. Dare I mention BREXIT: well I have. But look at the surge of division and anger that has aroused. We can see there are scoundrels on all sides who exacerbate negative emotions. The media, marketing and many others make a living out of exploiting our emotions.

Being aware of what is going on around us is a major part of the struggle and yoga is all about awareness. So, yoga can help.

A big step in the right direction is for us to understand that whilst there may be factual evidence that something is amiss: how we respond is the real test of our character. And I apologise if I am patronising to you. But in truth, we do not always realise how we are being manipulated!

What yoga offers

The physical aspects of yoga concentrate the mind and release positive chemicals into our body which help us to sort the wheat from the chaff. Meditation allows us to relax both the body and mind which gives us greater clarity and insight.

It can form part a most effective part of your strategy for wellness and wellbeing. All you need to do is practise.

But first of all, see what Professor Feldman has to say… Professor Feldman’s TED Presentation.

So sit back: relax and enjoy the next 20 minutes of stimulating thought.

All the best, Johnston

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