About the Yoga Mind and Body Club

Who are we?

We’re different: Definitely not your average yoga club!

Yoga Mind and Body Club is one limb of our innovative non-profit enterprise. We promote and teach modern yoga, to enhance our pupils’ integral health and spiritual wellbeing.

We strive to create an authentic and exciting activity for everyone.

When and where did we start?

Yoga Mind and Body was founded in 2014 by Johnston Lowry, and we’re based in Camberley.

From that it grew into two limbs: The Yoga Mind and Body Club and The Yoga Mind and Body Hub. The first is face-to-face: the second is Virtual.

Yoga for Every Body and Mind

How and where can we bring modern yoga into your life?

Our Club

Yoga Mind and Body Club runs local face-to-face yoga classes at the Deepcut Village Centre in Camberley and at the Yoga Studio in Hartley Witney.

We also provide yoga tutoring in your home, office or other suitable location.

Our Hub

Yoga Mind and Body Hub features live online virtual sessions.

The Hub is also our knowledge base where you can access:

  • short video sessions
  • guided meditations
  • diagrammatic worksheets
  • a host of other yoga teaching information

Our blog keeps everyone up to date with new material and what’s going on in the club.

Here’s where the Yoga Club delivers the goods

Yoga Class Locations

These yoga teaching services are exclusively for members and not available elsewhere. However, we also want to be as inclusive as possible – to get more people doing yoga! You can be sure you will get good honest yoga and nothing else.

What are the tenets by which we teach you yoga?

Modern Yoga

Modern yoga combines the practical elements of ancient yoga with the insight of contemporary science

Getting the Basics Right

Integral Health

Integral health is a person’s physical, emotional, mental and social ability to thrive in their environment

Delve Deeper – Part One

Spiritual Wellbeing

Spiritual wellbeing, in this context, encompasses the pupil’s state of mind, self-awareness and sense of purpose

Delve Deeper – Part Two

What is a Yoga Club Class Like?

We’re serious about yoga, but not too serious. We keep an open mind on how to approach each class, bringing good humour and practicality to our teaching. We sometimes incorporate music into sessions too.

But this is not at the expense of imparting knowledge or learning. We deeply respect both our pupils and the traditions of yoga.

We focus on the details; demonstrating, adjusting and guiding you through your yoga journey. The sessions are an interactive and positive learning experience, fostering a friendly adult-to-adult (rather than teacher-to-student) dynamic. Class sizes are small and the safety of our pupils is paramount.

To hear directly from our pupils about how they grow when they practise yoga with us, read their testimonials here.

What kind of people join us and why

We connect with the current needs of people who care about their health and wellbeing. Our members come from a broad range of social backgrounds. They’re aged from 25 to 75, and around 30% are male!

Most of our pupils have an ability level between beginner and intermediate.

And a lot of our pupils come to us because they want to prolong and sustain their physical fitness and mental health, but in a pragmatic and all-encompassing way

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