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I’m Johnston Lowry, the owner and teacher at Yoga Mind and Body Club. With 25 years experience in yoga I know what it does for your overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

My yoga sessions are energetic, invigorating and calming. I structure them around music from many different genres, suitable for the form of yoga being practised. We always finish with a period of deep relaxation.

I view good humour as good yoga: it puts you in the present moment. We occasionally go off-piste but what you always get is authentic yoga. That’s one reason why members like what I do. Rest assured, I take yoga seriously but never too seriously. It’s far too important for that.

My modern, authentic yoga teaching programme integrates contemporary knowledge and modern teaching methods with the truth of ancient yoga – without compromising ethical values.

We tend to avoid the more esoteric aspects of yoga, focusing on what most people want but complementing that with occasional forays into the broader repertoire to provide you with a balanced insight into yoga.

To chat about any of this please contact me on 0800 246 1543 or email

All the very best,

Johnston Lowry founder of Yoga Mind And Body

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"To teach is to learn twice over" - Joseph Joubert

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Yoga Mind And Body - Benefits of Yoga

If you’re new to yoga, or not sure if it’s for you, take a look at the major benefits a regular yoga routine can bring to your life.

Benefits of Yoga

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If you already practise yoga, or you’re ready to get started, take a look at my class schedule to find the best class for you.

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