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Welcome to our yoga club!

Our aim is to bring the benefits of yoga to more people. To help us do this we’ve tapered yoga down to its essentials and filtered out the esoteric aspects. This provides you with an authentic, accessible and enjoyable yoga experience.

Our local yoga classes integrate the invigorating and relaxing qualities of a wide range of music which allows for improvisation and variety. Each session is adapted to the attendees ability, offering all the participants a yoga lesson which challenges and empowers your mind, body and soul.

Class sizes are capped to allow you the space to move comfortably and connect effectively with the yoga teacher and others in the group. There’s a friendly spontaneity and sense of belonging which we value and cherish.

Part of our ethos is maintaining a healthy sense of humour and keeping things in perspective. The club’s motto could almost be: ‘Take yoga seriously but not too seriously; it’s far too important for that’.

In summary: we’re for anyone who wants to practise yoga regularly in order to sustain and prolong their personal health, fitness and wellbeing: but also wants to enjoy themselves! If that’s you – come and join us.

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Thank you for your time. I hope to meet you soon at one of our sessions.

With all good wishes,

Johnston Lowry founder of Yoga Mind And Body

Johnston Lowry : Founder and Teacher


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New to yoga?

If you’re new to yoga, or you’re not sure if yoga is for you, take a look at the 6 benefits I believe yoga can bring to your life:

Benefits of Yoga

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More experienced?

If you already practise yoga, or you’re ready to get started, take a look at our classes and teaching schedule to find the best time slot for you:

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