WELCOME to your local yoga club

It’s good you’re here

Hello: I’m Johnston Lowry, the teacher and founder of Yoga Mind and Body Club. I aim to provide you with a quality yoga teaching service in a friendly club environment which you relish being part of.

To appreciate yoga, you have to experience it. The important thing is to develop the right habits, coupled with an understanding of what you are doing and why.

Doing is learning, which is why my teaching is practical and focuses on the critical success factors for developing the level of yoga practice to which you aspire.

Why us?

You expect me to say this, but I genuinely do believe that Yoga Mind and Body Club is an ideal place for you to start or to develop your existing yoga practice. I take the time to demonstrate, explain, and support you in your learning.

My teaching style is substantiated by 25 year’s experience as both a yoga student and teacher, having studied yoga from many different traditions, of which I find Iyengar to be the most beneficial.

Yoga that’s pragmatic and fulfilling

Pragmatic because it regulates your physical fitness, wellness and mental wellbeing. Fulfilling because yoga allows you to cultivate, enjoy and benefit from this beautiful, ancient, yet modern practice.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope to meet you soon.

Best wishes,

Johnston Lowry founder of Yoga Mind And Body




Trial Membership Scheme

Save 25% on five sessions

Take advantage of my offer to newcomers that will allow you to test the service we provide and discover for yourself what yoga can do for you.


New Yoga Students

Helping you get started

Helping beginners get a foothold into yoga is our trademark. We understand that starting yoga can be daunting when it definitely shouldn’t be! You’re embarking on a learning experience which will make a positive impact on your life.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of hokum spoken about yoga. We continuously strive to neuter this stuff. Be assured that yoga has something sensible for everyone.

All it requires is patient, consistent practice and the benefits will start to emerge. Our role is to help you make that happen. The rest is up to you – with a little help from your friends!


Practice and Benefits

Experienced students

Getting better all the time

Mature yoga students know that you never stop being a beginner. There’s always something new to learn in yoga: that’s one of it’s numerous saving graces. It stops you becoming arrogant and restores your faith in humility.

That’s why we invite you to join us, even it’s just for one session. We can teach you new tricks and hopefully, you will share some of yours with us — all in the true spirit of yoga.

You will most likely notice that the abiding characteristic of our yoga sessions is actual teaching, explaining and doing. We hope that we can look forward to meeting you soon.


Local Yoga Classes

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