Pricing and Payment Policy

A Fair Price for your Health: Happiness: and Wellbeing

There are three ways of joining, booking and paying

1. Our Trial Membership Scheme

2. Multi-Class Flexible Plans

3. Single-Session Occasional Passes

Our Trial Membership Scheme

Gain an attractive saving of 20% on a Pass and a Plan

About Trial Membership

The trial membership scheme allows you to experience yoga at a discounted price without being under any obligation. It allows you to decide if the club provides the sort of yoga teaching that’s right for you.

How it works: First

Buy a Single-Session Occasional Pass

Gain a 20% discount by entering the discount code FIRSTCLASS when you’re making your first booking.

Then: If you decide to join us

Buy a Bronze Multi-Class Flexible Plan

You can attend another five sessions at a 20% discount by buying a Bronze Multi-Class Pass. To buy this you enter FIRSTPLAN as the discount code.

Start here…

Watch your garden grow: Because every body and mind need yoga!

“Let us cultivate our garden”.

– Voltaire (from Candide)


Our Multi-Class Flexible Plans

A great way to enjoy more yoga for less…

How the prices of our Multi-Class Flexible Plans are structured

Gold: Silver: Bronze

The more sessions you commit to attend the less each will cost. It’s all as  straightforward, transparent and fair as we can make it.

Flexibility of tenure and usage

You can use each of the plans at any session or venue. There are generous time-frames and you can reschedule a class at short notice. We will happily extend the time-frames in legitimate cases. For example, you won’t be penalised if you have to go away at short notice, or your holiday falls during the plans tenure.


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See how incrementally you’re better off with a plan. They’re all better value than a Pass. The only exception to that is if you’re a newcomer and joining as a trial member.

Spend: Save: Prosper


  • Save money
  • can enjoy more yoga, and
  • gain the perks a plan offers


  • Have your commitment, and
  • can plan ahead

Price Comparison: go for Gold Silver or Bronze

Everyone’s a winner: with yoga…!

Gold Plan


15 Classes: £10 each

Pass remains valid for 180 days but can be extended for legitimate reasons


Silver Plan


10 Classes: £11 each

Pass remains valid for 120 days but can be extended for legitimate reasons


Bronze Plan


5 Classes: £12 each

Pass remains valid for 60 days but can be extended for legitimate reasons


The Single-Session Occasional Pass

The most expensive option unless you’re on a trial membership…

The Single-Session Occasional Pass

£14 each

This is the ideal option if you’re a once-in-a-while attendee and don’t want to put too much money up front. But sadly; it is also the most expensive option.

However, don’t forget that if you’re a newcomer it makes sense to start your trial membership with a SIngle-Session Occasional Pass and get a 20% Discount. Plus, gain another 20% on a Bronze Multi-Class Flexible Plan

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How to pay

We prefer you to pay and book online which makes your life easier and reduces our costs. But: cash is not a problem if that’s better for you.

Get in touch

If you have any problems using the booking database don’t be put off. Get in touch or come along anyway and we can sort things out afterwards.

All profits are recycled into the club

What we ask you to pay reflects what it takes to run the club. As a Social Enterprise we’re a not-for-profit organisation. All money earned is used to continually improve the quality of service we provide.

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Ethical Pricing Policy

You only pay what we need to charge