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Explore our money-saving pricing packages. You have three options to choose from

  1. A Flexible Class Pass
  2. A Single Term Pass
  3. The Trial Membership Scheme

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Flexible Class Pass

There are three categories of pass: Bronze, Silver and Gold, the details of which are provided below.

These passes offer great value and flexibility. They work on the principle that the more sessions you pay for in advance the more money you save.

There are generous lengths of time to use the pass, plus you can reschedule a session without penalty and we make allowances for holidays and unplanned prolonged absences. You can attend as many sessions at different venues as you wish.

Single Term Pass

These bring the cost per session down to £10.00. This is the most affordable cost per session.

There is very little flexibility in this pass. It is ideal for weekly attendees who go to one venue. You have to use the class within the term. You can not reschedule or carry-forward the pass.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Flexible Plans offer more choice and represent better value for people who attend more than one session per week, especially if they’re at different venues.

Trial Membership Scheme: save 25%

We’re offering you a 20% discount on a Bronze Class Pass which will allow you to attend five sessions. All you have to do is enter the code TRIAL when you process your first booking.

Gold Pass

Fifteen sessions for


Use within 175 days

Silver Pass

Ten sessions for


Use within 135 days

Bronze Pass

Five sessions for


Use within 75 days

Single Pass

One session for


Use within 25 days

Personal tuition

Private 1-to-1 classes

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Corporate yoga

Yoga classes in the workplace

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