Hello: I’m Johnston Lowry

Founder andTeacher of the Yoga Mind and Body Experience

Yoga for Mind and Body

I’d like you to meet me on three different levels:

  • yoga pupil
  • yoga educator
  • person

You may find it ironic, but teaching yoga is the simple part. Making a successful business out of it is the hard part.

I’ve been in the yoga teacher business since 2014, and a yoga pupil since 1989. What have I learned throughout that time? And what is it about me that you need to know?

I’m also going to explain what you can take from me as an educator, and how we could build a flourishing relationship for your benefit.

What I’ve learned as a yoga pupil

You have to work at yoga from several different angles.

The body

There are the purely physical aspects of modern yoga – the postures and the breathing. Sure, they’re hard work, challenging, and require determination. But they’re also the natural part.


The hard part of modern yoga is making yourself do it. Practise, practise and practise some more. Approach it frequently and often, rather than in large chunks.


Take on board that modern yoga is a discipline – for your self, body, mind and soul. It excels as a method to overcome the unmindful side of our beings, which we all have.


Yoga is an adult-to-adult relationship. It requires trust, transparency, commitment and a sense of humour. What you put in equates to what you take out. But put it all together, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What I’ve learned as a yoga educator

Every pupil matters. And slick marketing is counterproductive to the longer-term success of everyone – the relationship has to be authentic. If you’re after a simple exercise class at the lowest price, then we’ll likely not be a good fit.

There are plenty of places that will give you want. But if the motives are the buck and a workout, that isn’t the yoga I know. It won’t be authentic yoga.

There are thousands of yoga teachers, and most of them are good at what they do. But building a good relationship between pupil and teacher is what makes the difference.

This inevitably moves us onto character, personality and chemistry.

Who I am

…and how I teach

To see some of what I’ve achieved with my life as a chronology, feel free to visit my LinkedIn page.

In terms of my character and personality, I’m not your average yoga teacher. I’m not svelte and I don’t look too useful in tight clothing. I’m built like a rugby player and have quite a direct, irreverent manner.

I believe in doing the right things for the right reasons. But I also know that living is a complicated existence, with plenty of shades of grey, rather than a black or white binary.

For me it’s necessary to have a sense of humour and not take oneself or life too seriously. It’s all far too important for that. Live for the day, learn from the past and be optimistic (but realistic) for the future.

Relaxing, enjoyable yoga

What Can You Expect

As my pupil, you’ll receive my dedication and an active, varied, enjoyable experience of modern yoga.

What you’ll gain from modern yoga as a discipline depends on what you want from it and how much you put into it.

You can reasonably expect a healthier and fitter body, as well as the ability to settle a disquieted mind. And don’t be surprised if you build a greater understanding of yourself – your knowledge, potential, strengths, weaknesses and purpose in life.

My role is to help you get as much out of yourself and yoga as you can. I want to help you make your world a healthier and happier place.