Authentic yoga taught in a modern and accessible way

The structure and content of our yoga classes

Considerate, challenging, motivating, enjoyable, authoritative

Class Structure

Each session has three phases


10-15 minutes of gentle stretching and breathing


60-65 minutes of physically challenging yoga exercises called Asana developing:

  • strength, flexibility and stamina
  • posture and physique
  • coordination and balance

10-15 minutes of deep meditation, enabling:

  • rest and recovery
  • awareness
  • calm

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The Elements and Benefits of Yoga

The yoga postures

Let’s crack-open one common misunderstanding about yoga. The postures are an exercise – not a mystical journey. BUT: unlike other exercise yoga connects from the outside in and the inside out.

We teach seven groups of yoga posture each of which can be demanding yet relaxing at the same time. In fact the more you relax the better able you will be to sustain each posture.

When you can control the movement of your body, breath and mind, so that you and they, are meditating as a single entity the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

That’s because yoga does create a psychological and physiological bond which can make you feel like you are going beyond the limits of ordinary experience.

Each posture is practiced on the dominant and less-dominant side of your body to realign the imbalances that develop throughout the normal course of life.

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What to expect

Modern yoga for your body, mind and self

Always expect the unexpected

Blood, toil, and tears: well nearly but not quite. However, be prepared for a thorough workout of your body and mind.

What members are looking for?

The people who join us aren’t ardent. They just want to learn yoga, stay healthy, and enjoy themselves for ninety minutes.  One thing that does please us is that we’re a mixed bunch of various ages, shapes and sizes. That’s makes for a better session.

No two classes are the same

Class sizes are sensibly sized, so that you have space to move, we can communicate, and you get the attention you deserve.

Use of Music

Each session is accompanied by a mixtape of great music specially selected to complement each phase of the sessions. Music and yoga go together extremely well: which should not be a surprise because music is also capable of transforming our mood.


We  provide you with yoga: mats. belts, blocks, bricks. If you become a devotee you’ll probably want to invest in your own equipment but don’t have to.


Nothing flash or fancy is needed. Standard fitness clothing is fine. Best if it’s light and breathable. Have something warm like a fleece for relaxation.

Where we teach

Yoga Class Venues

Iyengar Yoga and Us

Our teaching is loosely based upon Iyengar yoga: but not exclusively! We combine the best of various yoga-teaching traditions in order to help you to develop a well-rounded practice that suits you.

Mr Iyengar is, however, our favourite yoga guru, or master. Famous for his wit: here are some quotes:

Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.

Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to peace, tranquility and joy.

– B.K.S. Iyengar

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Whether a complete novice or a seasoned yogi

You’ll enjoy our fresh approach

Yoga for Beginners

Helping you get started

Helping beginners get a foothold is our trademark. We understand that starting yoga can be daunting. We’ve all been there. But really: there’s nothing to be unduly concerned about.

You’re embarking on a tremendously positive pursuit which will pay you back exponentially. The key thing is to develop your yoga one step at a time. Then you’ll be fine.

What’s more: you’ll find other members are very friendly and supportive. We intend to enjoy ourselves as well as learn yoga. That’s the great thing about being part of a small local club. It’s just so more engaging, motivating and not competitive.

Keeping egos’ at bay

Deflating pomposity or egocentric behaviour is de rigueur (especially if it’s on the teacher’s part). We think it’s a very encouraging sign that we’re getting it right when students can put the teacher (me) in his place!

But seriously folks

All yoga really requires is what you’d expect when you’re ;earning something worth learning. It’s well within the grasp of most people and has something for everyone.

Determination, patience, persistence and lots of practice are the keywords. My job, and the purpose of our club is to help you to do that – with a little help from your friends.

Meditation helps too… within you without you

The Power of Meditation

For Experienced Yoga Practitioners

Getting better all the time

Mature yoga students know that you never stop being a beginner. That’s one of yoga’s many abiding strengths.

You might find my style of teaching a bit unorthodox: but also a breath of fresh air. I like to bring a bit of joy and laughter to yoga.

A characteristic of our yoga teaching, as in Iyengar Yoga, is that we explain, demonstrate and often use props. The aim is to help members to develop their yoga practice by providing them with a safe space in which to learn and the equipment to do so.

We do provide feedback and will assist you by making adjustments to your postures: but only if that’s necessary and what you want.

Developing your insight

To conclude: here’s a bit if relevant diversification. Especially for those of you who spotted the references to The Beatles.

They played a big role in promoting yoga. You might therefore, especially if you like the Beatles, enjoy this blog…

What does yoga owe The Beatles?

The Yoga Clubs Teaching Calendar

Four terms of yoga: forty-two weeks each year

Annual Yoga Class Schedule

Terms are not always coterminous with school holidays. We try to schedule closures with those times when we know our members are less likely to be able to attend.

There are no classes on Bank Holidays. We close for two weeks at Easter, three weeks at Christmas.

During the summer we close for the last week of June, into the first week in July.

Classes continue during midsummer until the last two weeks of August, into the first week in September, when we close again. We don’t see why members should have to break their yoga habit, even though we know that attendances can drop because of it being the holiday season.

The definitive reference point for ascertaining whether or not there are classes is always the yoga class schedule.

Yoga Class Schedule

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