Why Learn Yoga With Us?

What is Yoga Mind & Body Club About?

With Yoga Mind and Body I aim to set a benchmark in yoga teaching, research, and development. Our curriculum is grounded on knowledge, experience, and evidence-based practice. We want you to enjoy your yoga.

Yoga has tremendous untapped potential as a life-enhancing activity which strengthens the body and mind. It could save the NHS millions in medication and psychiatric treatments. Scientific research indicates that yoga could help to tackle the numerous non-communicable diseases so prevalent today. It also has much to offer in improving life in the workplace, care-homes, education, the military, in prisons, sports, business, and the professions,.

To that end Yoga Mind & Body will not just teach yoga well. It will promote yoga for greater recognition and application in public life. We hope to interdependently engage with movers, shakers and influencers as a campaigning body for yoga.

What Can Yoga Mind & Body Offer You

It’s not an exagerration to say that yoga can transform your life. If you’re happy with your life then that’s a great place to start. But maybe you’re not so fortunate: perhaps believing you’ve passed your best, suffering from depression, or as we all can, from the pressures of modern life?  Yoga could be the right thing for you!

The beauty of yoga is that you can begin at any stage of life. You don’t have to be flexible or fit to start. I can confidently assert that if you practise yoga regularly, and are taught properly, it will make you a fitter and happier person.

Founder / Teacher: Not Your Average Yogi

About Johnston Lowry

Johnston Lowry: the club’s Founder and Teacher retired from a demanding but very worthwhile career in 2014. Incongruous as it may seem, he was a Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) for 30 years and then spent another 9 years in the National Crime Agency (NCA) as part of the Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

We reckon that sort of life experience is worth its weight in gold. Especially as it is complemented by a surplus of eclectic tastes and interests. He’s broad-minded, a little bit worldly – but not too much, reasonably intelligent, quick-witted but also likes to reflect and deliberate.

He sets high standards for himself and for Yoga Mind and Body Club: something which we hope you will soon be the beneficiary of.

He was not your stereotypical copper and he’s not your average yogi bear either: albeit he’s built like a grizzly! He’s irreverent, not a fan of political correctness, with rather a quirky sense of humour but be sure: he does know his yoga and is a very effective teacher. For the removal of doubt: please read his Testimonials.

Since retiring he has been fortunate enough to be able to follow his dream: owning his own yoga club and helping people by teaching them authentic Hatha Yoga. He will be the first to tell you that yoga has been a golden thread in his life since 1989. It’s kept him healthy, fit and sane. If you want to know more about him please visit his Linked In profile

Real Yoga For The Real You

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