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“Johnston’s classes are nothing like quite a number of yoga classes I’ve been to in the past. Unfortunately I found them a bit boring and worthy. Johnston on the other hand, is a really friendly Irishman with a great sense of humour. His classes are always fun and different each time. He plays a variety of music which I love. Johnston takes the principles of yoga seriously and really cares about his students doing the poses right, as well as wanting them to improve their practice and enjoy the class. It is hard work but Johnston explains the poses well so people relatively new to yoga will be fine. The relaxation for the last 10 mins of the class is lovely. I feel it is well worth the money; classes are small so Johnston is able to give each student time and advice. Can’t recommend enough. Thanks Johnston.” Jenny Wagstaff

“I feel so much better, more strength. Used to suffer from back spasms but these have now passed. Your classes are fun and relatively relaxed with no pressure to be good at it and encouraged to give it a go.” – Alison Padday

“I’m impressed by the balance in your class and the relaxation techniques you teach. Your classes are professional, fun and relaxing. I love your classes and one of the big reasons why I joined the gym.” – Grace Vine

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“Three changes I have noticed: flexibility, strength and focus. I enjoy every aspect of Johnston’s teaching. It makes classes universal for all levels of yoga ability and he also plays good music along the way. Thank you for introducing me to yoga.” – Steve Morrell

“I have noticed a huge difference in my flexibility. I’m more mindful in my everyday life. The speed of the lessons are perfect for a beginner like me and offer help on positioning. Thank you for opening my body and mind to yoga.” – Hannah Bond

“Johnston helps me to concentrate my thoughts for the week and reduces my stress as well as improving my yoga skills. I like best that he spends lots of time stretching, the pace is good, also challenging at times. Good choice of music and the class size is ideal.” – Chris Topping

“ I like everything about your classes especially the flexibility, clarity with my bi-polar disorder and happiness. Your classes are the ones I look forward to every week. They’re the only reason I continue to pay for gym membership.” – Blake Gimblett

“Your classes have made me more flexible and relaxed. I don’t think you could really improve on them. I really enjoy your classes.” – Michale Clapp

“Absolutely loved your class. Keep doing what you do. You’re fab!” – Shaneen McEvoy

“Johnston’s yoga classes are the best! He combines wonderful yoga with lively banter and great music, as well the physiology behind the poses, so that you really know what you are doing and why. All abilities are catered for and classes are dynamic, with no two weeks being the same. On top of this, the 10-week class pass does not have to be used consecutively, meaning if you have to miss a week you are not penalised financially. What more could you want!” – Lucinda Cocks

“I go to Johnston’s class once a week and always look forward to his relaxed but thorough approach and eclectic choice of background music. He works at a positive and achievable pace and often gives us insights into yoga practice beyond the physical exercise. I leave refreshed and uplifted and so far haven’t had any aches and pains the next day! I would recommend the class to beginners like me or intermediate students.” – Sarah Durnsford

“I started yoga with Johnston in January 2015. Having tried various exercise classes over the years with other teachers and never attended for longer than 12 weeks, I didn’t expect this to be any different. However, I was wrong! A year later I am still attending regularly and I can honestly say that my fitness and flexibility have improved enormously. Johnston’s yoga classes are very enjoyable, even when we’re working hard!” – Jo Adams

“Johnston brings a quality to his classes that marries the traditional yoga teachings with modern Western practice. His choice of accompanying music often surprises but never disappoints and is testament to his own passion for both music and yoga. Similarly, the variety in both yoga postures and music tracks makes each class a fresh experience.” – Sally Daniel

“Really good welcome and re-introduction to yoga – it’s reignited my need to get my body working again – but good that you encourage only what I can do. Thank you. Will spread the word!” – Liz Taylor

“I have been attending yoga sessions run by Johnston for just on 12 months now. Apart from walking and gardening I don’t usually do any heavy ‘exercise’. However, recently I had to do a couple of days of very strenuous (for me) physical work carrying bags of sand and cement, paving stones and digging up gravel. I expected to have a few aches, pains and a sore back the day after – but amazingly I didn’t. I can only put this down to the yoga that I have been doing this year. My flexibility and strength have improved markedly. Johnston’s classes are often hard work but always enjoyable. He is a good teacher with an excellent sense of humour.” – Barry Adams

“The classes over the last two Sundays have been quite intense and quite hard work – but very rewarding and enjoyable and it’s been great to do something a bit different. I enjoy the regular classes and think I’ve learned a lot about yoga and am even getting better at it. And I like the music. Johnston’s classes are always light-hearted but full of serious yoga. I’ve been coming for just over a year and would definitely recommend.” – Linda Herron

“I learned a lot! The classes are well-paced and the environment is good. As a beginner it’s great to feel at ease in a group of very experienced people, the classes are friendly and light-hearted whilst the instructor makes sure we understand every step of the moves and postures.” – Anne McCabe

“I thoroughly enjoy your yoga classes and look forward to them each week. I always feel very relaxed and settled after the class. I have a lot less flexibility in my right leg but yoga has helped me to gain a much greater amount of flexibility.” – Stella

“Really found it beneficial, made me very aware of the areas of the body which I need to focus on. Classes are done for everyone’s pace. Johnston is very focused on teaching people about how the body works as well as the positions and breathing – combining the two. Enjoyed every class – would recommend to anyone.” – Karen Kirkbride

“As a Pilates student of 20 years I came along to just “see”. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and intend to continue.” – Barbara Cosgrove

“I took some time to think about this. One of the things I see is that people might not feel the necessity for the mind in yoga.

I started doing yoga just beginning of this year and I’ve been to classes with 5-6 different teachers, but you are so much different from them and I am 1000% sure I wouldn’t go to yoga classes if my first teacher wasn’t you.

Some of the reasons are let’s say outside of your influence, like me being stressed. But the way you teach gives me more than just a deep stretch of my body. I do like the music and I find it pretty cool, I do like poetry.

I’ve heard about cheaper yoga classes but when I did my online research I found that yours are a reasonable price. I personally don’t mind paying more for a better “service”.” – Orsolya Bereczki

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