What’s in a yoga mat? Quite a lot actually!

What's in a Yoga Mat?

December 3 2017 | Yoga Reviews

As yogis it needs it be said that we get off quite lightly in terms of equipment costs

Truth be told you only need yourself and your yoga mat!

That being the case: it seems to make sense that you invest a bit of time and money in getting a mat which you will see as your trusted partner and friend! Without of course becoming too attached to it!

As a yoga club up to now we have advocated Lululemon but that is more based upon the personal preference of Johnston Lowry: the founder and teacher at the Yoga Mind and Body yoga club, who is a big man (6’2″ weighing 220lbs plus). For the removal of doubt that’s me! So attached to this blog are links to 2 reviews that offer more objectivity and breadth. Review 1 is by Reviews.com, Review 2 is by the London Evening Standard (scroll to the bottom of the blog).

One thing I will share is that I believe it is well worth spending as much as you can afford. As things go it’s like a television or washing machine. It’s actually extraordinary good value for money. You will get years of use out of it and the better the mat the better it will perform in terms of grip, absorption of perspiration, ease of cleaning, and the pleasure of owning what looks like a quality product.

But: do your research. Check the thickness and size: especially men! I use the Lululemon “Big” mat mainly because it is big! It’s not always easy to get a big mat which strikes me as being absolutely absurd. Especially as surely we want more men getting into yoga!

Am I being cynical in thinking that if mats are kept small that some teachers can sardine more students into their studio. Of course I am!

Not a problem with Yoga Mind and Body. We set a standard of a maximum of 12 students per session. So after that plug: and without further ado: here are the links:

Review One

Review Two

Happy yoga: and good luck with your mat.

Namaste, Johnston

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