Attention! Yoga is good for you.

Attention please! Why yoga is good for your concentration

Yoga is a powerful antidote to the distractions and pressures of modern life.

The resolution lies within us. Take that on board and we can start to make progress.

Our lives are full of unnecessary divergencies. This is what we can do about it…

It comes as no surprise that many youngsters are suffering massively from attention deficit. Reasons abound – social media, diet, the pressure to perform beyond their years, anxiety about their future, computer games. Put it all together, and we can see that adults, too, are suffering from the abundance of malign distractions around us.

Allow me to introduce you

Professor Goleman has written some excellent books on Emotional Intelligence. Not I fear always the best choice of name for it because it can make us think we have to be intelligent to understand it. Happily, that is not so. Essentially emotional intelligence is about awareness: how we interpret and respond to what our brain perceives around us.

This matters enormously to our attention span and capacity to stay focused in the right things for the right reasons.

As a yoga teacher, I know that yoga serves to develop this skill-set. But for now: prepare to be challenged and stimulated for more than an hour by Daniel at a presentation he gave in London to an Intelligence Squared event.

I hope you enjoy the lecture. Either click on the image above or on this link. LINK

All the best, Johnston

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