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Camberley and Hook

Enjoy the zest for life our yoga classes embody. You’ll feel energised, calm and alert for whatever comes your way.

Even better, do that in ninety plus-filled minutes. A big bonus if you’re already juggling too many balls!

Classes take place four days a week, mornings and evenings. Book and pay online.

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Authentic and Contemporary

We understand how daunting yoga can seem when you’re a beginner. Purpose-built for newcomers we take time to build your confidence and ability.

For experienced yogis and yoginis, looking for a different pitch, we’ve got that too!

Remember: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – F.D.Roosevelt

Together: yoga will do the rest!

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Our Club

It’s beating heart

Our founder, Johnston Lowry, is the heart and soul of the club.

A big man with a rambunctious sense of humour he’s not your average yogi. But: he knows his stuff.

Teaching yoga is his passion. What matters to him is that you’re learning yoga properly.

Get ready to go a bit off-piste. Doing yoga todays way!

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Why yoga is good for your health…

What is yoga? A very good place to start…

Yoga is both old and new. Nowadays it is experienced as a beneficial practice for both the body and mind and is enjoyed by millions. Yoga develops and sustains your physical fitness, bodily health, and mental wellbeing in a fulfilling and progressive way. 

There is no other single, all-embracing, proactive practice that is so good for your health* . Yoga has three core components each of which, with practise, begin to integrate with each other. These components are:

  1. Exercise: invigorating postures called Asana,
  2. Breath: controlled breathing called Pranayama,
  3. Meditation: calming awareness called Dhyana.

* Health is the extent of a person’s physical, emotional, mental and social ability to cope with their environment.

The type of yoga we do today differs significantly from the ancient form conceived in India at around 500 BCE.

What was yoga, initially?

Particularly in the last century, yoga has developed from being an intuitive, spiritual and mainly seated discipline into one which is much more active. Based upon evidence, efficacy and good practice.

This capacity to adapt and evolve is one of yoga’s strongest qualities. It is a broad church, able to change with the times but without losing it’s essential truth.


The art, skill and science of yoga

The art, skill and science of teaching, and learning yoga, is to balance the intuitive with the factual. Retaining the wisdom and integrity at the heart of yoga but complementing that with the knowledge and facilities we have available today.

What yoga asks from you?

To progress in yoga you will discover that it requires a willingness to learn, the dedication to practice regularly, and the foresight to allow it to take effect gradually.

You will get a calming boost from the exhilarating nature of yoga. But it’s more profound, truer benefits take time to emerge.

It requires hard work, persistence and determination. But, the gains are exponential provided you’re patient. Because yoga is constructed around deferred, not immediate gratification.

How can we help you?

Our purpose is to teach you authentic yoga competently and thoroughly. To do so by promoting an accessible, ethical and informed yoga practice in a friendly club environment. Providing you with an integrated and forward-thinking approach to learning yoga.

We instruct and guide you on how to practice yoga as a methodology that can enrich numerous aspects of your life. While retaining its integrity and capacity for enabling the person you are – and have the potential to be..!

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