Our name means what it says:

Yoga for your body, your mind, and most of all you

We provide you with a first-class education in yoga you can trust. One which will help you to develop a lifestyle based upon wellness and wellbeing. Because yoga is a fruitful activity which enables you to care for your physical and mental health in an exhilarating and challenging, yet relaxing way.

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Why we enthuse about yoga

No other activity is so effective at exercising, enhancing and regulating your wellness and wellbeing. Ask anyone who practises yoga or read what our members say: Points of View

A bit about us

What we do

We promote authentic yoga for all. Our approach is based upon contemporary physiology and psychology, while remaining true to the philosophy and practice of ancient yoga.

The big winner in this is your integral health …

What is Integral Health?

This is defined as your physical, emotional, mental and social ability to cope with your environment. It could almost be called yoga..!

How we deliver

We provide you with two complementary yoga teaching  services: our Yoga Teaching Club and the Yoga Hub.

Join the Club – Explore the Hub

Yoga Teaching Club: local yoga classes

The club is where we organise and provide you with the practical experience of learning yoga at our local yoga classes in Camberley and Hook.

Private yoga sessions are also available for individuals or for corporate entities and small groups: private or public.

Yoga Hub: our internet based service

The yoga hub is where you can participate online with our live-streamed yoga classes, instructional yoga videos, and yoga nidra (mindfulness and relaxation) podcasts.

The hub is also our yoga knowledge base. It provides you with a rich depth and breadth of educational, informative and entertaining material for you to use as, and whenever, it suits you!

If you’d like to speak with me please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 246 1543 or email me at Hello@yogamindandbody.uk

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Getting started

Your first step is to get the basics right and develop a regular routine. A trial club membership allows you to do exactly that at a competitive price, without obligation.

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What is yoga?

Yoga consists of postural exercises, breathing, and meditation. It is an incrementally transformative form of “skill-in-action” requiring regular practise and proper instruction.

Yoga began in India around 2700 BCE as a primarily spiritual discipline. Now it has grown into a phenomenally popular physical and mental practice for maintaining wellness and wellbeing. 

Yoga takes time to establish but is immensely worthwhile. You’ll carry yourself better, feel healthier and strengthen your resilience.

It is also a very effective adjunct therapy for preventing, stabilizing or easing health conditions such as spinal pain, diabetes, asthma, stress, anxiety or depression.

The Elements and Benefits of Yoga

The yoga club’s classes

In Camberley and Hook

Our 90-minute yoga sessions are physically demanding but enjoyable and accessible. Engaging exercise and breathing with meditation to strengthen your body and settle your mind. Making you feel invigorated yet calm, prepared for whatever comes your way.

The physical and mental boost the yoga sessions provide are consolidated by the longer-term benefits you will gain if you habituate into practising yoga regularly.

A little bit often is best. Don’t overreach yourself. Be patient and enjoy yoga. That’s the surest path to success.

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