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Start by joining my Yoga Mind and Body Hub, where you can learn online. Because of the pandemic my local club classes are suspended.

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Johnston Lowry | Founder: Teacher: Coach

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Yoga Mind and Body Club: excellence in yoga teaching

The yoga club is run by Johnston Lowry: founder of Yoga Mind and Body. He wants to make yoga something every body and mind can gain from: yoga for ordinary people!

His teaching style is step-by-step, down-to-earth and authoritative. His cheerful, fresh approach complements his depth of knowledge and expertise.

Local Yoga Classes

You can join his local yoga classes in Camberley, Surrey, and in Hook, Hampshire.

Yoga Mind and Body Online

If you’re from further afield, or prefer to learn at home, visit his Yoga Mind and Body Hub is where you can enjoy the same quality of service at his online yoga teaching portal.

Private Yoga Coaching

Johnston coaches yoga privately with individual, group and corporate plan tapered to match your needs.

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Yoga Classes: in Camberley and Hook

Our classes are where we provide you with the practical experience of learning yoga. You gain from our expert instruction and the friendly support of other club members.

As soon as the coronavirus pandemic permits, join one of our regular classes in Camberley and Hook. Private yoga sessions are also available.

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Internet-based Live-Streamed Yoga: Videos and Podcasts

The yoga hub is where you can join our live-streamed yoga classes, watch our pre-recorded instructional videos or, at the end of a busy day unwind and listen to our relaxation podcasts.

The hub is also our knowledge base. It hosts a depth and breadth of informative material for improving your yoga practise.

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What does the moving symbol on the video above represent?

The video is a three-dimensional representation of the Vishuddha throat chakra which is a purifying spiritual concept from the ancient theology of yoga. In essence, it is a lotus symbol rotating with a looped blue esoteric background. The spinning Buddhist mandala acts as a seamless meditative animation and provides a beautiful idealisation of this magical oriental and sacred geometrical ornament.