First of all: What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice for sustaining your physical and mental wellbeing. It cultivates power, agility and determination. The core components of yoga are postures, breathing and meditation. It originated in India more that 2,000 years ago.

Yoga for the body

Yoga postures provide an excellent form of stimulating physical exercise. They develop muscle, stamina and flexibility. Applied breathing helps you to integrate your movement in and out of the postures. When you practise yoga what you’re really doing is giving your body a thorough workout from the inside-out the outside-in.

Yoga for the mind

Practising meditation calms the mind and expands your awareness. Creating space for clarity and insight. It’s not so much about blissfulness (although it can be). It’s better to view meditation as grounded and positive way of managing your mind. Which also does a great job relaxing your body and helps to maintain a healthy brain.

In summary

There’s no other single discipline so good for both your body and mind. Yoga is proven to be effective at preventing or easing the symptoms of physical and mental illness. It has something for anyone who’s willing to learn and practise regularly. That’s where we can help!

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Yoga Classes

Exercise, sweat, breath, relax and enjoy yoga. That’s what we do. Even better, do all that in ninety minutes. A big plus if you’re already juggling too many balls in your life.

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Our Club

Founder and teacher: Johnston Lowry is not your average yogi. He’s built like a brick and knows his stuff but be prepared to go a bit off-piste with some great yoga.

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We’re unshackled from the sterotypes of yoga: that’s what makes us a bit different. Read what members who’ve survived want to tell you about our great little yoga club.

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Our Motto: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Happy You

Be a part of your friendly local yoga club and experience the very real benefits which yoga brings to your body, mind and life. Taught with knowledge and experience in a good-humoured way which we all enjoy being part of.


We do more than teach you how to do yoga. We develop your understanding of how yoga works, enabling you to gain more from yoga in different aspects of your life.

Our Purpose

The most surprising thing about yoga is that more people don’t do it. We want to change that.

The purpose of Yoga Mind and Body Club is to promote and teach yoga as a holistic and inclusive practice for sustaining physical and mental wellbeing. Doing that in a progressive and accessible way but without compromising the integrity of authentic yoga.

LEARN YOGA: Our Knowledge Base

LEARN YOGA helps you to develop your personal yoga practice at home.  The material is delivered to you in the form of Monthly Newsletters, Club Bulletins, blog posts, worksheets, illustrations, video and audio recordings made available to you by signing up for our Mailing List.

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