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Yoga for your Body and Mind.

But most of all: your inner and outer self..!

For our Members: we teach you contemporary yoga that is accurate, straightforward and fun to do..!

The best things in life are free, usually simple, and have an obvious truth about them. That’s the bedrock of our approach to yoga.

We teach authentic hatha yoga which is the physical form of yoga you’re likely to be familiar with. It consists of seven different types of posture called Asana. For more information on these postures please refer to our Learn Yoga knowledge base.

Postures (Asana) are the heart of yoga

The fullest expression of yoga can be found in the art, skill and science required to practise the numerous ranges of yoga postures. You live and breath yoga as you practise each individual Asana, or sequence of postures, called a Vinyasa flow.

The skills required are knowledge of the muscles and joints being used, especially how to move the body into and out of a posture by integrating the breath and focusing your mind to the job in hand. The result is a totally absorbing discipline for your complete health.

From Johnston Lowry: our founder and yoga teacher: you get knowledge, experience and gravitas..!

His teaching is based upon many years of practice and training in yoga. That matters. We strive to provide you with the best possible quality of yoga teaching available.

Yoga can transform your world

It’s not an exaggeration to say that yoga can transform your life. Provided you put in the many hours of regular practice required. But it also important to recognise it simply for what it is: a unique combination of demanding physical exercise, integrated breathing and meditation.

That’s not easy: but it wouldn’t be of much use to you if it was! Conversely: we keep yoga in perspective. It’s not something to be obsessive about. Keep it light, work hard and most of all enjoy yoga.

A tool for living life well

It’s a tool for helping you get more out of life. Nothing more, nothing less, but what a powerful friend it will become if you give it your best but keep it in check.  Because yoga is for living life well: not the other way around.

About Johnston Lowry: Founding Member and the Club’s Teacher…

…he’s not your average Yogi Bear!

Johnston Lowry: the club’s founder and teacher enjoyed a 30-year career as a Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). He then spent another 9 years in the National Crime Agency (NCA) as part of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). He retired from public service in 2014.

His background

Having benefited from a good education at the Royal School Armagh (RSA) in Northern Ireland, and developed a strong career with an excellent employer, plus gaining a great pension, he is under no illusion just how fortunate he is. Okay: he hasn’t got a dog (yet) but, hey, you can’t have everything! To compensate he lives in rural Camberley with his best friend who also happens to be his long-suffering wife: Cora.

His interests

Johnston has a surplus of eclectic tastes and interests. Especially a love for music which comes through in his yoga sessions. Members love his choice of music for different aspects of each yoga class.

His personality

He’s broad-minded, a little bit worldly – but not too much! Reasonably intelligent, quick-witted but also likes to reflect and deliberate.

He was not your stereotypical copper and he’s not your average yogi bear either: albeit he’s built like a grizzly! He’s irreverent, not a fan of political correctness, with rather a quirky sense of humour. But: He does know his yoga and is a very effective teacher. For the removal of doubt: Please read his  (Testimonials).

His standards and motivation

He sets high standards for himself and for Yoga Mind and Body Club: something which we hope you will soon be the beneficiary of.

Since retiring he has been fortunate enough to be able to follow his dream: owning his own yoga club and helping people through yoga. He’ll be the first to tell you that yog’s been a golden thread in his life. Since 1989 it’s kept him healthy, fit and sane. If you want to know more about Johnston please visit his (Linked In) profile.

Alternatively: Give him a call on 0800 246 5143 or email hello@yogamindandbody.uk. He’ll be very happy to chat to you about yoga and what it is you’re looking for.

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